Mega Tower Mod Apk v1.7.1 (Mega Menu)

App Name Mega Tower
Genre Games
Size 87M
Version 1.7.1
MOD Info Mega Menu
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Last Updated February 20, 2023 (1 month ago)

Mega Tower Mod Apk is one of the Android online game application. In which you can enjoy this game by downloading it for free from our site.

Mega Tower Mod Apk Hello friends, once again we have brought the best game for all of you, namely Mega Tower Mod Apk. You will get to download this game for free from our site. This is an online video game. Millions of people have downloaded this game from play store. There is no cost to this application, and using it will not give you any challenges of any kind. You are going to have a lot of fun playing this game as it has some amazing features that you can use for free.

Mega Tower Apk

Welcome to the outer space world of Mega Tower!
In this casual game, you will take on the role of a talented commander, conquer the planets one by one and set up your own space colonies. This is also a classic idle tower defense game. The only way to win is to clear all the enemies and guard the tower in the center with the surrounded turrets and Titans.

========== 👉 Game Feature 👉 ==========
⭐MERGE – Collect turrets and Titans with higher-quality and stronger combat power by merging.
⭐TD – Deploy turrets and Titans to defend against enemies with a little strategy.
⭐CASUAL – Idle gameplay to kill time and have fun in the mini arcade.
⭐SIMULATION – Conquer and develop the colony planets and mine lots to accumulate coins and resources.
⭐PVP – Fight to the end for the honor of your faction and guild in the real-time PVP combat.

Come to download the Mega Tower for free now!

Unfair premium advantages of Mega Tower Mod Apk

Different game modes

Let me tell you About the main tower unfair advantage used at different game modes, the huge bomb shooter (I can’t recall the name), it’s actually not very effective in PVE (colonizing or battle phases) as it can’t hit aerial targets.

Furthermore, in Mega Tower Mod Apk its bomb takes too long to hit the ground, so enemies won’t be in the impact area as they’ll be constantly moving. However, it’s actually really good at PvP since it doesn’t need a lot of range (the towers are close enough). It does an enormous amount of damage and can hit many things in a single shot (area damage).

Build 8 Megatower city

Building an 8 Megatower city to support the building of a Space Center in Sandbox mode is great work. Three Low, three Mid, and two High-income towers should be used to maximize property values.

Some interesting statistics in Mega Tower Mod Apk: Low-wealth apartments provide 800 workers, 400 shoppers, and 200 students. For Mid, there are 400 workers, 200 shoppers, and 100 students. High towers have 200 workers, 100 shoppers, and 50 students. 

Low shopping levels

Low shopping levels supply 1000 goods and create 400 low, 120 mid, and 20 high-income jobs. It also requests 234 freight orders. 

Mid shopping levels

Mid shopping levels have 500 goods, 240 low-income jobs, 200 mid-income jobs, 60 high-income jobs, and 234 freight orders. 

High shopping levels

High shopping levels have 250 goods, 80 low-income jobs, 120 mid-income jobs, 100 high-income jobs, and 360 freight orders. 

As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to zone 2.5 apartments for every shopping area. Also, try to zone enough industry to eventually satisfy at least half of the anticipated freight orders in this mod apk game.

Unlock new paragons towers

Mega Gamers know how to make a Paragon for most of the Towers in Mega Tower Mod Apk. They should make a Paragon of all the Monkeys like an Ascended Magic Paragon, Ascended Military Paragon, etc with the help of this mod apk.

Then take all of those Ascended Paragons and make the ultimate Paragon that has all Monkeys in it. Users can already make Paragons for Primary, Magic, Military, and Support. They have yet to do an Almighty Paragon containing every Monkey though.

Build your own mega-tower city

Actually, it’s pretty simple to build your own mega tower city in this mod apk—just build up a huge city. Try to keep resources in balance and provide all needed services. Don’t forget to specialize your city for some nice income. 

When everything runs fine, just add some additional services and a lot of power, water, sewage, etc. If you have problems providing all these things in one city, just build a second one.


Download this Game App now for free and enjoy Mega Tower Mod Apk is available here. Enjoy the revised benefits introduced in this modern version. We are giving you the best update of this App. This app has been changed before. With this twist, you can use all the best features of this app for free. If you have any questions then you can comment.

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